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Benefits of GenX Windoors uPVC

Why uPVC?/Advantages

Thermal Insulation

Thermal conductivity is extremely low, this low thermal conductivity reduces the energy loss.

Sound Insulation

It is based on the difference between outside noise and target indoor noise level, with the help of special sound insulation glazing, moonstone uPVC door and window system provide a reduction of approximately 45 dB, hence highly suitable for hospitals, offices, hotels and other commercial and residential building as they cut unwanted noise.

Impact Resistance

uPVC doors and window profiles are uniquely designed and specially formulated to withstand high impact. These impact modified profiles are treated with special additives to make the material extremely tough and durable.

Fire Resistance

These are made with highly fire resistant polymers, that confirm to self extinguishing and non spontaneous ignition characteristics.

Weather Resistance

uPVC doors and window profile systems coming to Indian market with a unique tropical mix compound, which provides UV resistance and high impact resistance, which withstand long exposure to extreme weather change under scorching sun storm, dryness and high tropical humidity.

Corrosion Resistance

uPVC doors and window systems are free from attack of acids, alkali, waste gases and salts. They are corrosion resistant when used in marine and tropical climates and in places exposed to high pollution. Moonstone uPVC doors and window systems are most ideally suited for usage in chemical and effluent treatment plant, breweries textile industries diaries and in residential and commercial building that are close to seashore.

Comparison Matrix

Wooden windowsSteel / Aluminium WindowsuPVC
Maintenanceneed regular Painting/ polishing.need painting over long periods of usage.requires no painting; only routine cleaning.
Durability under Extreme Weatherstart fading very soon; require constant re polishing.can start fading after sustained exposure to sun. Start looking ugly.UV resistant blend; do not fade under sustained exposure to sun.
Wheather Resistancetend to rot or expand during monsoons. Poor insulation allows water to flow inside.allow rain water to come in due to poor insulation and installation.have a built in special rain drain mechanism. For heavy rains; special rain track can be accommodated
Resistance to Windtend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds.Due to poor structural strength and insulation; tend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds.multi chambered and reinforced with Gl steel. For heavy wind loads; they can be reinforced with a hurricane bar.
Environmental Impactuse Tropical Hardwoods Are Ecologically Unsound.large amounts of energy in production; not an environment friendly choice.use less energy at the time of production; hence more environment friendly.
AestheticsLooks Good.can Look Cool And Out Of Proportion.elegant looks; enhances both; the exteriors and interiors of the building.
Energy ConservationWood is a poor conductor of heat; hence conserve more energy than aluminium windows and aluminium doors.being metal, conduct heat energy. Poor sealing and imperfect installation leads to lot of energy loss.poor conductors of heat. They have excellent sealing with multiple point locks and fusion welded joints; hence conserve energy.
Sound Insulationpoorly engineered and poorly sealed; hence provide poor sound insulation.poorly sealed with mechanical joints and poorly installed leading to poor sound insulation.fusion welded, lock at multiple points and double sealed leading to excellent sound insulation.
Termite resistanceprone to termites.not attract termites.not prone to termites.
SunlightHave poor structural strength; hence require more members; limiting the amount of sunlight.Hollow frames lead to poor structural strength; thus leading to more members and lesser sunlight.steel reinforced; hence structurally strong. They allow large sizes leading to more sunlight.
Addition to value of hometend to deteriorate with time; hence do not add to long term value of home.require lot of maintenance; hence do not add to value of home.long life and do not require any maintenance. Hence they add to the long term value of the home..
Ventilationtend to have more frames; hence leaving lesser area for ventilation.more frames; hence lesser area for ventilation.long are structurally strong and require less frames allowing more ventilation.
Ease of usepoor quality hardware which do not last long; leading to difficult usage experience.poor quality hardware which do not last long; leading to difficult usage experience.international quality hardware that allows easy use of windows.

WoodSteel / AluminiumuPVC
High Impact resistance
Unaffected by temperature
Corrosion resistance
Aging resistance
Sea water resistance
Protective painting or polishing required
High insulation qualities
Good sound dampening
Wind proof
No condensation or thermal expansion
Adaptable to meet architectural requirement
Can be formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes
Can be used in most varied climatic conditions
Qualities and appearance are stable even after years of external use
Ecologically sound as it is practically 100% recyclable