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GenX Windoors makes the finest and advanced windows and doors with exquisite materials from tried and tested brands ensuring long life protecting you from all undesired elements. GenX Windoors provides you with an end to end services ensuring this is the only choice you have to make and keep you hassle-free.
We offer the following services.


We have skilled personnel who advise you the best contemporary design as per your application keeping in mind various parameters like Wind Load, Rain rate, Aesthetics, Levelling etc…


Site Survey

GenX Windoors™ technicians will go for a site survey before taking the measurements & ensure that the window/door openings are perfectly plastered to avoid mismatch of sizes which leads to improper installation. Once the site is ready our engineers take the actual measurements of each window/door so that the window is fabricated perfectly without any gaps.



Once the windows are fabricated as per the opening sizes have taken, they are perfectly packed & delivered at site. The windows are then installed using fasteners and then sealed with silicon/PU Foam, tested for operation.



Our products are maintenance free. Just in case there are any issues, we are happy to help. We give you a 10-year warranty on our products. Also, you could sign up for an annual maintenance package where in our trained professionals will visit your home at a time convenient for you and ensure that our products are functioning efficiently and look new.


Manufacture services

The windows and doors at GenX Windoors are the products of cutting-edge technology and world-class manufacturing. With a comprehensive and detail-oriented quality system, we have made it a priority to carry out critical product inspection by testing all our products at independent testing laboratories.
Our products are therefore reliable and we guarantee their strength, durability, and ease of use.